OceanX Launch Conference

The launch meeting for OceanX was held on November 26th to 29th in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, bringing together founding members and interested parties, introducing the network, our strategic partnerships and the concept moving forward.

Formal memberships start January 2019.

OceanX Launch Conference

Thanks to all that have been part from the start!

OceanX, the network of leading seafreight specialists, aiming to foster innovation, collaboration and specialisation across the NVOCC industry, successfully held its launch conference in Dubai. 

From November 26th to 29th, 130 delegates joined in fruitful discussions, exciting presentations and joyful celebrations. 

Ruben Huber, founder and director of OceanX summarised the vision of the new network as follows: „OceanX shall serve as a platform not only to connect companies and people but also to connect ideas, thereby becoming the nurturing ground for innovative solutions and ventures.“

The network’s founder illustrated Technology, Specialisation, Omnichannel and Virtualisation as the four key industry trends shaping the future of ocean freight. He focused on outlining the opportunities for local specialists to approach industry challenges jointly in a collaborative manner. 

Network ambassadors, Peter Schmidt-Löffler and Moanisse Bennasser presented latest market developments and opportunities across Africa, while Meg Yim illustrated some of the network’s ideas around the future of procurement. 

Martin Dixon of Drewry provided the audience with an overview of the market and presented their Forwarders Benchmarking Club, while Dr. Igor Jakomin of CargoX displayed the future of the bill of lading through blockchain. 

Christos Spyrou from the leading airfreight specialist network, Neutral Air Partner, showed what the strategic partnership with OceanX yields for the future, kicking off with a joint stand at Transport Logistics in Munich 2019. Providing members of both groups a great platform to further push their brands in the market. 

Wednesday 26th, was all about technology, featuring a FreightTech workshop in the morning. The OceanX team had curated their neutral choice of leading FreightTech providers, each approaching the industry from a different angle. Including Matt Tillmann from Haven (SaaS-BCO TMS), Noman Mohammad and Hussein Nadeem from Hashmove (Freight Marketplace), Graham Parker and Charles Lee of Kontainers (SaaS, Digital Sales), Dr. Raymon Krishnan from GO (eForwarder based on local specialists), Luck Wen and Andrew Luk of CargoPlus (SaaS – Forwarder ERP), Marcin Zarzecki of Quotiss (SaaS-Sales Efficiency Solution) and Mohammed Zakkiria of FreightBRO (SaaS-Forwarding Sales Solution and TMS). Vivien Cheong of Transporeon (SaaS, Tender Solutions) was moderating through the presentations and two exciting panel discussions around the future of freight and quick wins through digitalisation.

The interactive discussions revealed interesting developments in the sector, as the role of personal relationships is changing and technology enables new ways of interaction, increasing the importance of branding and customer experience. 

Afternoons were driven by fruitful individual business discussions between delegates and the evenings focused on unwinding and mingling the diverse crowd of nationalities and backgrounds triggering exciting side discussions. Those surviving the nights in decent shape, challenged themselves during the 06.30 runs to Burj Khalifa. 

OceanX would like to thank all participants for the great start and is looking forward to continue building the network in this spirit! 

This was only just the start. More to come, stay tuned.

Some of OceanX’ partners, conference attendees and interested parties:



CargoX is the independent supplier of blockchain-based Smart Bill of Lading (Smart B/L™) solutions that provide an extremely fast, safe, reliable, and cost-effective way to process Bills of Lading anywhere in the world. CargoX has developed a decentralised platform based on the Ethereum network, and has a pipeline of future products for the supply chain industry.




Drewry is the leading independent provider of research and consulting services to the maritime and shipping industry, employing over 100 professionals across an international network of offices in London, Delhi, Singapore and Shanghai.



InsureMyTrans is an InsurTech and Insurance Intermediary in one: Within our company you’ll find the unique combination of knowledge and experience within the Shipping, Transport & Logistics industry, the technical software development skills and access to a network within the global Cargo Insurance area.