Executive Development

Under its Executive Development Program, OceanX partners with external institutions and experts but also with member firms, to offer courses on a variety of relevant subjects, for the talent development within our member’s organisations and beyond.
The program covers seafreight related subjects, specialisation topics, strategy, leadership, digitalisation, transformation management as well as cost, efficiency and process improvement.

The interactive learning sessions, include lectures, case studies, group tasks and discussion rounds, all aiming to combine practical experience and abilities with a reflective perspective, building the skills to tackle internal reinvention through widening horizons.

Partnering with a range of international institutions, universities, startups and consulting groups, OceanX does not only aim to be a thinktank for its members, but to combine practice and theory supporting the professional development of member’s talent and their organisations.

Available programs

OceanX Members are soon invited to join our latest program, on the OceanX WebApp and Mobile App!


EDPx2024 LIVE brings back our renewed 3 session program for member’s Middle Managers, covering:

  • Differentiation Strategy
  • Innovation & Digitalisation
  • Cost Optimisation & Efficiency

One week, three hours each session, 25 peers from different firms and different markets.

The sessions are structured in 3 parts, covering a lecture, a group work task and a discussion with best practice and idea sharing.

OceanX Members are soon invited to join our latest program, on the OceanX WebApp and Mobile App!


  • Lecture 1 – Doubling Down on Efficiency

OceanX Members are invited to join our latest program, on the OceanX WebApp!


  • Lecture 1 – Demystifying Innovation: Shaping Customer Experience in Logistics
  • Lecture 2 – Container Shipping: Market Consolidation and the Carrier Perspective 
  • Lecture 3 – Less Than Container Load – LCL Shipping

Last held in 1H2021 – Recordings and on demand sessions available for members!

Advanced Shipping
3 Course Program for Middle Managers

The OceanX Executive Development Team has established a compact 3 session program, deep diving into three key themeblocs, essential for our member‘s continued success.

  • Differentiation Strategy
  • Digitalisation
  • Cost Optimisation

The program is structured in particularfor middle managers in sales, customer service and operations functions, that are any organisation‘s backbone.

„Engaging and empowering the middle management within OceanX member‘s organisations to develop them as drivers for reinvention.“



EDPx2020 – Transformation Management with CPC

Although leaders working in logistics are used to constant change, not least the global coronavirus pandemic has shown that the rules of the game are shifting massively. Companies understand that they either adapt to change or will not participate in the market anymore. Given that according to a Harvard Business School study 70% of change projects fail, skills and attitudes for driving sustainable, impactful transformation are clearly a distinct competitive edge.

Certified TRANSFORMATION MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVES are the candidate of choice when it comes to affecting predictable, measurable and deep change in an international setup. “Based on our commitment to effective people development, we have launched the Executive Development Program and partnered with Tongji University. We can ensure preferred access and favorable rates for our members” explains Ruben Huber, Founder and Director of OceanX. The program is targeted at leaders who know that making a difference requires personal commitment and continuous interdisciplinary learning. Participants are typically in a Senior/Executive role and have over 8 years’ of experience, an intercultural mindset and blend analytical skills with empathy.

The Transformation Management Executive Program enables participants to apply what they learn in the classroom directly back in their workplace, supported by lecturers and peers. Throughout six modules, they will boost their leadership skills to handle organizational dynamics, strengthen assertiveness in driving transformation and change and build proficiency in leading edge tools and methods. In addition, they will be able to deepen their insights into other organizations and build their transformation management peer network.

“I am very excited to launch this program,” shares Michael Babilon-Teubenbacher, CEO of CPC Consulting China, the regional organization of Germany’s leading change management consulting firm. “While the need for transformation was already present for many businesses in China before COVID-19, the crisis has often made transformation unavoidable. From automotive to automotive supply to healthcare to insurance to logistics and beyond, leaders are in the process of rethinking their business for enhancing resilience and finding new ways to leverage opportunities. This is exactly where I see the Transformation Management Executive program as a building block for getting yourself and your top-leaders ready for en environment that requires executives who thrive in times of uncertainty, driving impactful people-centric change.”

To learn more about the program and apply for it, please contact our Executive Development Director Dr. Johannes Kern at jk@oceanx.network



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