1. Start with entering the main transportation mode of your shipment. Example: A shipment with pre-carriage by rail from Beijing to Shanghai and on-carriage by truck from Genoa to Basel, has ‘Ocean’ as main transportation mode.
2. Indicate the preferred currency in which you want the quote.
3. Enter your Company Number* (conform registration at a CoC)
4. Enter your VAT-number*

Above web app will open, for the specific cargo and shipment details:

5. Indicate the Country of establishment of the Assured/the final beneficiary of the coverage. The Assured may be the party on whom behalf you arrange the coverage.

Now you’ll see the initial quoted amount.

6. Customer details: Company details of the Assured.
7. Choose between ICC A (Full insurance) and ICC C (Total loss only).
8. Deductible: In case a deductible (own risk amount) applies, it is shown here.

*Your data shall be processed for the purpose of arrange and administer insurance policies. The legal basis for the processing is your insurance policy with the Insurance company.

Current roll-out

The initial coverage is available for Business clients whereby the Assured has its presence in Europe and U.S.A. Most commodities are accepted with currently the exception of;

– Foodstuff and Perishables
– Specie, Liquor/Spirits & Tobacco Products, Leather, Skin & Hides, Excisable Goods
– Corpses, Human Remains, Organs, Human & Animal Blood
– Livestock, Trees and Plants

In due course of the year more regions and commodities will be accepted.

Apply for a Partner Program!

InsureMyTrans, part of IMT Group AB, is an InsurTech and Insurance Intermediary in one. It operates on the crossroad of the Freight & Insurance sectors to reinvent the traditional insurance distribution by Embedded Insurance Coverages and Risk Management Solutions alongside clients’ existing services in Freight booking platforms, Marketplaces, Freight software and e-commerce platforms.

We welcome any member to contact us for a chat and explore the opportunities for a tailor-made program directly integrated into your own solutions.

Participation in the Partner Program comes with many benefits:
– Tailor-made policy, rates and flexible conditions, based upon your and/or your clients’ needs
– Access to the Partner Portal, giving you direct access to all documentation, order details and payments.

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