First OceanX Fashion Logistics Workshop in Munich
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First OceanX Fashion Logistics Workshop in Munich

Taking the opportunity of the upcoming Transport Logistic 2019 in Munich, with a larger amount of OceanX members being present in Southern Germany last week, OceanX member ITG was so kind to host the network’s first fashion logistics workshop at their headquarters in Schwaig, near Munich on June 3rd. 

Gabriele Bormuth, head of the local logistics operation, toured the interested members through the ITG fashion logistics warehouses in Munich, outlining their different concepts for a diverse range of customers of different scale and with a wide range of different service requirements, stretching over 120,000+ square meters at their Munich facilities.

Beyond all tools, robots, automation and processes, it became clear over the day, that culture remains essential for quality and that the people truly make the difference. Be it passionate leaders like Gabriele and her supervisors that take their customer’s requirements to heart, orchestrating their dedicated teams, or hiring and training strategies for subcontractors and team members. Longterm commitment to customers and to providing quality services in solving their problems, scaling with them and supporting their growth, are certainly the key success factors at ITG and for many of the members present on the day.

Several interesting side discussions ensued ranging from customers, that are also handled by other members in different countries to particular requirements of different fashion brands and recruitment, training, implementation coordination, as well as strategies to handle peak seasons and optimise pricing to improve inbound quality. 

Despite being a first, the workshop already indicated the large potential that learning from each other, can yield in this specialised field. And whilst the beautiful sunshine in Munich this Monday might have invited to doing many different things, all attendees were pleased with their choice and we are grateful for ITG and their team taking the time to host us. 

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