Q-log Thai joins OceanX for Thailand
Tralinks joins OceanX for Vietnam
Net Logistics joins OceanX for Lebanon
Spedition joins OceanX for India
Herport joins OceanX for France
Quantumcarga joins OceanX for Panama
Happy Lunar New Year of the Dragon 2024
Fast Shipping joins OceanX
AMX Logistics joins OceanX for South Africa
Evol Cargo joins OceanX
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a great start into 2024!
AJ Worldwide joins OceanX for USA
Grupo Sese joins OceanX
Canaan Group joins OceanX
OceanX AGM #KUL2023 Event Report
OceanX News August 2023
Mercator Transport joins OceanX for Spain
Hermes Travel & Cargo joins OceanX for India
HLI Logistics joins OceanX for the United States
Galata Transportation joins OceanX for Turkey
Sankyo Corporation is rebranding to Clearfreight Japan
BVL joins OceanX for Taiwan, Chile and Peru
OceanX @Transport Logistic 2023
HBI Logistics joins OceanX
OceanX @Transport Logistic 2023
Combi Line International joins OceanX
OceanX Intermodal South America – Get-Together 2023
New Group Chief Operating Officer – Dynamic World Wide Logistics Group, Pakistan
Milkyway Chemical Supply Chain Service joins OceanX
Asian Consolidation INTL joins OceanX for the Philippines
2023 – The Year of Focus
ECL joins OceanX for South Korea
OceanX @TEP-Global – “Oceanfreight 2023 – Is the party over?”
Save the Date – OceanX AGM 2023 goes to Malaysia! #KUL2023
LLS Team USA Inc is renaming to Interfracht USA Inc
Agence Maritime Mohab joins OceanX for Tunisia
OceanX EDPx – 2022 Courses now online for our members!
Dolphin Shipping joins OceanX for Jordan
Logimark Group joins OceanX for Vietnam
Kingfu Logistics joins OceanX for China
Diera Intermodal joins OceanX as an associate for Poland
OceanX AGM #swiss2022
COVID Update China
Proship.io joins OceanX as associate for the United States
BTL Sankyo Global joins OceanX
Comodality joins OceanX covering Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden!
Navia wins OceanX Innovation Award for 2021
OceanX includes InsureMyTrans Solution in its Member Portal
PGL Logistics joins OceanX for Brazil!
Happy Lunar New Year 2022
ExFreight joins OceanX for the United States!
GGL USA joins OceanX Network!
OceanX News January 2022
Veritrans International joins OceanX for Thailand!
OceanX AGM #maroc2021 – Live & Virtual
CIMC Globe Success Logistics joins OceanX for China!
OMA Group joins OceanX for West Africa
Synergy International joins OceanX!
Bravotran joins OceanX as Vendor for Process Automation
Cargo Net Logistics (CNX) joins OceanX for CHILE!
UL Logistics joins OceanX for Uruguay!
Mileage Logistics joins OceanX!
OceanX @WOFEXPO 2021
Europartners joins OceanX!
OceanX – News – July 2021
Kensa Logistics joins OceanX for Mexico
Journey Freight International joins OceanX for Canada
OceanX – Rate$ & Drinks – Report May 18th 2021
OceanX – Rate$ & Drinks – May 18th
On Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Cargo Compass joins OceanX for Colombia
Mind4Logistics joins OceanX for Portugal
OceanX Innovation Award 2020 goes to Searoutes
OceanX partners with InsureMyTrans for innovative freight insurance solutions
Arrow Express joins OceanX for Jordan
OceanX EDP – Advanced Shipping
NLINE Shipping joins OceanX for Italy
Cargo Overseas joins OceanX
OceanX@Navia – Highlights from an exciting discussion
OceanX AGM Porto2020 – Live & Virtual
Members Corona Updates
OceanX announces Speaker LineUp for AGM 2020
OceanX Executive Development Program launches with Transformation Management Course
NAVIROC an OceanX collaborative project
OceanX – Annual General Meeting – Chengdu, China
South Africa Market Report
First OceanX Fashion Logistics Workshop in Munich
THANK YOU – OceanX @Transport Logistics, Munich June 4th to 7th 2019
OceanX Case Study at Tongji University 2019
OceanX @Transport Logistics, Munich June 4th to 7th 2019
OceanX launches Process Workshop for Members
OceanX Case Study at Tongji University
OceanX joining ICEE conference July 24th to 26th 2019
OceanX launches startup incubator
Jochen Weber joining as Network Ambassador
Why our bet is on collaboration.
CargoX and the OceanX network partner-up to set new standards of excellence in the shipping trade
Meg Yim and Peter Schmidt-Löffler joining as Network Ambassadors
Congratulations Boxline Slovenia – 10 Years Celebrations!
Cool Logistics Global Conference 2nd-4th October 2018, Antwerp
Moanisse Bennasser and Jonathan Crestot joining as Network Ambassadors
Cool Chain expert Alfred Cheung named Ambassador of OceanX
Transport Logistics China – May 16th to 18th 2018
Strategic Partnership between Neutral Air Partner and OceanX signed
OceanX co-sponsored Shanghai Shipping Club Special Edition
OceanX founder talks digitalisation at ACE Conference in Shanghai
OceanX at Multimodal UK, Birmingham 2018
New innovation focused seafreight network launched!