OceanX launches Process Workshop for Members
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OceanX launches Process Workshop for Members

OceanX has built a shipment process, self-assessment workshop for its members, as a guide to approach the efficiency challenge and for organisational reinvention.

With market prices in sales and procurement increasingly transparent, one of the key success factors for performance has become efficiency and the actual cost for handling a shipment. 

Our analysis of some of the leading logistics companies in 2018 has shown, that the difference in internal cost to produce one TEU was the single largest element impacting EBITDA variance per shipment between the firms. 

Following discussions with several members, we have therefore designed a workshop, enabling members to conduct an internal process review along standardised lines, share learnings and best practices with the network, benefiting from each others strength and ideas for joint improvements. 

While many parts of the assessment aim for structured and single source, digital data, that enables better workflows and task automation, the purpose is also to question process steps and focus on customer touch points.

The workshop will be continuously enhanced, based on member feedback and the network aims to identify specific joint challenges, where multilateral solutions can be developed for members.

About OceanX

OceanX is a non – exclusive global network of leading ocean freight providers and NVOCCs dedicated to delivering bespoke innovative solutions, in particular on FCL services, LCL consolidation, dangerous goods and chemical logistics, temperature control, as well as project cargo handling.