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Cargo Compass joins OceanX for Colombia

We are pleased to welcome Cargo Compass to the network for Colombia! A brief introduction on Cargo Compass, from their management: With more than 30 years of experience in the freight forwarding area, we can offer an excellent service according to the needs of our clients, developing the best  logistic program taking into account the [...]

Mind4Logistics joins OceanX for Portugal

We are pleased to welcome Mind4Logistics to the network for Portugal! A brief introduction on Mind4Logistics, from their management: One dream, one team and investors sharing a new mindset, was the trigger for Mind4logistics project. Milestones just started, but all together, investors and Mind4Logistics team have 4 logistics generations working with and for you. Experience [...]

Arrow Express joins OceanX for Jordan

We are pleased to welcome Arrow Express to the network for Jordan! A brief introduction on Arrow Express, from their management: The company was formed in 1999 by our late brother Osama Qasem and YahyaFaour the current General Manager and Executive Director for the group with 30 years’ experience in this field; we have grown [...]

NLINE Shipping joins OceanX for Italy

We are pleased to welcome NLINE Shipping to the network! A brief introduction on NLINE Shipping, from their management: NLINE is an independent neutral freight wholesaler, founded with the sole purpose to provide innovative B2B solutions in the European market. We offer our customer’s global freight solutions, satisfaction is the heart of our mission,  understanding [...]

Cargo Overseas joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Cargo Overseas to the network for the United Kingdom! A brief introduction to Cargo Overseas from their management: Cargo Overseas have over 30 years’ experience of providing innovative and forward thinking solutions to meet our clients’ needs. In a crowded and ever changing supply chain landscape, Cargo Overseas has continued [...]

Famous Pacific Shipping Sri Lanka joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Famous Pacific Shipping to the network for Sri Lanka and Maledives. A brief introduction to Famous Pacific Shipping from their management: Famous Pacific Shipping Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (FPS), founder member of Famous Pacific Shipping International Group commenced its operations in Sri Lanka in 1999. FPS is one the leading  consolidators  [...]

TPG Logistics joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome TPG Logistics to the network for Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro A brief introduction to TPG Logistics from their management: "TPG Logistics is one of the leading logistics providers in Southeastern Europe. We offer complete logistics solutions from transportation, customs services, compliance inspections to warehousing of cargo. With many [...]

Containity joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Containity to the network for Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. A brief introduction to Containity from their management: Containity Ltd. is digital freight forwarder in Baltic Countries with focus on containerized shipping by sea and rail worldwide. Company mission is to simplify processes, provide ontime detailed service and partners time saving [...]

Goldair Greece joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Goldair to the network for Greece. A brief introduction to Goldair from their management: When Goldair cargo was founded in 1987, only a few could predict its dynamic and fast growth. A pioneer in its time, the company took steady and well planned steps that have made it today a [...]

BTS Logistics Germany joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome BTS Logistics to the network for Germany. A brief introduction to BTS Logistics  from their management: BTS Logistics is a full service logistics provider supporting its customers with solutions to their transportation and logistics needs. We offer Sea, Air and Rail Freight, Distribution, Logistics and have our own in house [...]

Goodrich joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Goodrich Group to the network. A brief introduction to Goodrich from their management: The Goodrich story commenced in the year 1997, when the promoters of the company T. Venkataraman and R. Gopal got their first company incorporated and named it Goodrich Maritime Pvt. Ltd., in Mumbai, India. The name was [...]

Icelogic joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Icelogic to the network as associate for Iceland. A brief introduction to Icelogic  from their management: ICELOGIC is a full service logistics provider, supporting our customers with all solutions to their needs. We have contracts with multiple airline and shipping companies in Iceland and this gives us the opportunity to [...]

Van der Helm Logistics joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Van der Helm Logistics to the network for Netherlands. A brief introduction to Van der Helm Logistics  from their management: Van der Helm is a Dutch family company that was founded in 1936. As an independent and neutral organization we have many years of experience in successfully connecting all logistics [...]

Zazu Logistics joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Zazu Logistics to the network, covering Spain, Equatorial Guinea, San Tomé & Principe and Mauritania. A brief introduction to Zazu Logistics  from their management: ZAZU LOGISTICS: MOVING YOUR SUCCES FORWARD Zazu Logistics is a Spanish freight forwarding company that offers sea, air and road freight transport and logistics, specialized on [...]

Afristar Freight Services joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Afristar Freight Services to the network for South Africa! A brief introduction to Afristar Freight Services  from their management: Afristar Freight Services is an international Freight Forwarding company and NVOCC. Founded in 2008 our management team offers our customers over 130 years of combined experience. We provide our customers with [...]

Velogistica Peru joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Velogistica to the network for Peru! A brief introduction to Velogistica Peru  from their management: Welcome to VELOGISTICA VELOGISTICA is the home of talent, focused on technology and innovation. Ready for the complex challenges demanded by International Logistics. We are building on an experienced team of logistics experts in Peru, [...]

SBA Group joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome SBA Group to the network for Cyprus! A brief introduction to SBA Group from their management: SBA Balkans Group is an international freight forwarder and logistics provider that is operating in the Balkan Peninsula. We began our operations in 2006. The excellent geographical position of our offices will allow us [...]

Hunicorn Shipping joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Hunicorn Shipping to the network for China! A brief introduction to Hunicorn Shipping from their management: Hunicorn Group is a key player in Asia for freight forwarding and logistics solution. It was founded in 2004, whith headquarter in Shenzhen, a fast-growing modern city. Now the group has over 500 staffs, [...]

Arabian Cargo joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Arabian Cargo to the network for Syria! A brief introduction to Arabian Cargo from their management: 18 Years of NVOCC Experience has made Arabian Cargo Group a leader of co-loading industry in Syria… Going through hard times and difficult circumstance, Arabian Cargo Group has proven itself as hard player in [...]

World Jaguar China joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome World Jaguar to the network for China! A brief introduction to World Jaguar from their management: World Jaguar Logistics Inc. is an advanced freight forwarder with NVOCC business qualifications, with head office in Qingdao and branch office in Dalian, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and inland city Xi'an, Shijiazhuang etc. Since [...]

Subramany Logistics joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Subramany Logistics to the network for South India! A brief introduction to Subramany Logistics from their management: Subramany was established  by Mr. A. Venkatachalam Iyer in Tuticorin in year 1942 and has developed into an efficient company in the transport and logistics industry. We are a traditional, family owned business [...]

Rose Containerline joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Rose Containerline to the network for USA! A brief introduction to Rose Containerline from their management: We look forward to working more closely with you.   We can work together, and help to strengthen your presence in the USA. Our Services include, LCL Our own weekly consolidations to 300 ports on [...]

Penanshin Shipping Ltd joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Penanshin Shipping to the network for Singapore! A brief introduction to Penanshin Shipping from their management: Penanshin is about people. A brand built by people. For people. Estabilished in 1998 from Singapore, Penanshin has had a long and illustrious history as an integrated one-stop freight forwarding servies company for more [...]

Haesung Logix Co. joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Haesung Logix to the network for South Korea! A brief introduction to H.S.L from their management: "H.S.L (Haesung Logix Co.,Ltd) is one of fast growing freight forwarder in Korea started its operation in 2015 by a young and professional team. The team has been extending it's business field rapidly counting [...]

Worldwide Logistics Co. joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome Worldwide Logistics to the network for China. Aside from their broad range of services for general cargo, injecting further expertise and coverage to our dangerous goods, project cargo and cold chain specialist groups! Following is an introduction to Worldwide Logistics from their management: "Worldwide Logistics Group (WWL) established in 2001. [...]

NVO-2-NVO, the neutral exchange for NVOCCs, joins OceanX

We are pleased to welcome NVO2NVO to the network! NVO2NVO interacts exclusively between Forwarders and NVO's using a process that is completely transparent, that offers both LCL and FCL rates live online directly linked to a vessel's sailing, with no co-load to co-load and no phone calls or e-mails being necessary. This ensures that the booking [...]