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COVID Update China

China is currently facing the largest amount of cases since the pandemic started, as it is battling the Omicron variant. Counter measures and restrictions imposed in parts of the country are seriously impacting supply chains again. This page shall serve as platform for regular updates to our members.  Update June 1st 2022 - 06:00 hrs [...]

OceanX @WOFEXPO 2021

We are supporting the new logistics expo World of Freight, dedicated for Central and Eastern European markets, that will be held in Bratislava October 6-8th this year! The EXPO will feature and OceanX stand with an OceanX Bar! For the central and eastern European market are certainly growth regions with a vast potential, we recommend [...]

On Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

by Ruben HUBER Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is on everyone’s mind these days. We had a long discussion on it this month, during our Executive Development Program with a cohort of our member’s talents at OceanX, further I had the pleasure to be part of an exciting panel discussion at #TPM21 with Angela Czajkowski, Alan [...]

A brief guide to freight marketplaces – V2.0

Following the nobel prize win for economics for Paul Migrom and Robert B. Wilson for their work in auction theory, it was time to update our guide to freight marketplaces. One of the key trends for the future of our industry, that we see, remains „omnichannel“. Whereas our industry used to sell and buy mainly [...]

Key things that matter now!

Facing the largest challenge of our time, as COVID-19 keeps spreading across the world and containment measures take a significant toll on consumer confidence, resulting in a demand drop across all key economies, we have summarised 5 key things that matter now! About OceanX OceanX is a non – exclusive global network of leading ocean [...]

OceanX 2020 Outlook

Following a turbulent year 2019, what can we expect for the new year to bring at the dawn of this new decade? Several members have asked us for a summary of market views for 2020 and our own projections for the new year, this is what we have attempted to provide with below. Global economic [...]

“High Touch” Service – Forwarding in the digital age

During a case study on Differentiation vs. Commoditisation, that we did with Tri-Continent Master students at Tongji SEM earlier this year, one of the groups brought the expression of „High Touch Service“ into the shipping space. (Thanks to Nainika Sudheendra, Elisabet Vásquez, Nelli Wipp, Haden Wesley and Tianhua Yuan for that) Having spent quite some [...]

A brief guide to freight marketplaces

One of the key trends for the future of our industry, that we see, remains „omnichannel“. Whereas our industry used to sell and buy mainly through local and often relationship based sales channels, digitalisation does open new opportunities.  Our guidance for members remains the same: while direct sales and a relationship with the ultimate customer, [...]