A brief guide to freight marketplaces – V2.0

A brief guide to freight marketplaces – V2.0

Following the nobel prize win for economics for Paul Migrom and Robert B. Wilson for their work in auction theory, it was time to update our guide to freight marketplaces.

One of the key trends for the future of our industry, that we see, remains „omnichannel“. Whereas our industry used to sell and buy mainly through local and often relationship based sales channels, digitalisation does open new opportunities. 

Our guidance for members remains the same: while direct sales and a relationship with the ultimate customer, is certainly the most desirable, we must be open to sell our services via a multitude of channels and intermediaries, seizing opportunities for expansion, aiming to reach all customers that might have an interest in them. Marketplaces thereby take a particular role, as they can be considered „transparent intermediaries“, where the actual contract party that is providing the service to the customer, remains visible and thus they do allow for service differentiation….

Please download the full guide here.

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