Cool Logistics Global 2020 – OceanX Participation
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Cool Logistics Global 2020 – OceanX Participation

As part of our strategic partnership with Cool Logistics, our director Ruben Huber, took part again at the Global conference, this year virtually in Rotterdam. Following a presentation on the network’s member venture NAVIROC in Morocco and the growing cool chain market there, he participated in an exciting panel discussion around the impact of Covid19, challenges and opportunities for the cold chain. Also the other sessions of the conference delivered some interesting insights again, bringing together the key industry players for the 12th year of the event.

While it still is difficult getting used to the virtuality of events and it does remain a learning curve for our industry, Cool Logistics Global, again and even though virtual, has accomplished once more to bring everyone in the perishable industry together, discussing the latest trends, ideas, innovations and developments in the sector.

Our director, Ruben Huber, had the pleasure to represent OceanX, explaining the case study of the network’s member venture NAVIROC in Morocco and the significant potential of the local perishable market. Thereafter joining colleagues from South Africa, South America, the United States and Europe, discussing the current challenges for the industry following the outbreak of the pandemic.

OceanX ambassador and cold chain expert, Alfred Cheung, outlined the interesting developments in Japan around Hyokan and Denba+ technologies, that have mastered successful trials with Japanese railways and are up to revolutionise the reefer industry. Ensuring freshness, while controlling ageing, thereby enabling safe transportation of highly sensible fresh produce. Alfred further provided interesting insights on the impact of COVID19 and working from home, as it shapes and accelerates cold chain trends and developments.

However, the three days of the conference again included many other exciting sessions, for example:

  • An interesting session on leadership, training and skills development with Marc Rooms, Alan Robertson, Radu Palamariu moderated by Steve Cameron. Providing not only an inside in K&Ns reefer training program and its shift to digital during the pandemic, but also reiterated once more the importance of knowledge as a means for differentiation.
  • The discussion on the fastest route to freshness with Franklin Ginus, Michael Jansen, Matthijs Montsma and Kaam van Finn, reviewing how Covid19 has influenced the shift from air to ocean in several trades, how flexibility helps businesses and how the speed of handling things has accelerated and improved the value chain. However also how longterm commitment, overcomes challenges in quality and availability. And the question, whether service providers and intermediaries in the future of the cool chain, will be more linked to retail or to the production side. Lastly also the realisation that data collection is increasing but learning from that data and effectively using it is still not living up to its potential yet.
  • And of course the technology panel, bringing together the leading telematics players, from Orbcomm to Traxens and Globe Tracker to Emerson. With a highly interesting overview by Don Miller from Globe Tracker, how actually implementation works, once a solution is picked with all its challenges and what that the focus must be to add value through deployment, not just selling a solution. Also the panels realisation, that despite an acceleration of deployment, as solutions are readily available today, things are still moving too slow.
  • Certainly also the session on Reefer Trade, with Drewry and Seabury sharing their latest forecasts for the market, Maersk providing their market view, K&N and of course Ole Schack Petersen from Broom. Discussing on volume trends, the shortage of reefer equipment that is here to stay, the fact that even paying more, will not produce more reefers faster, as we have become dependent on one production country only. And how increasing reefer rates are a reality for now and the time to come, with availability of transport solutions in abundance no longer a fact and planning becoming much more vital for growers and buyers, to get things shipped. Also touching the importance of resilience, while avoiding unnecessary redundancies.
  • An exciting standards and technology discussion with Andre Simha from MSC, the charismatic Genevieve Leveille and former Maersk Reefer head, now TWILL Anne-Sophie Zerlang-Karlsen, about the importance of standards, cyber security, the positivity of disruption as a driver for change and simplification as a key for the future.

Winner of the perishable innovation award, was dFarm, an exciting platform that tries to ensure farm to fork visibility, especially supporting smaller growers.

Despite the challenges of virtuality, the Cool Logistics team organised a great event and we can not wait to see them again IN REAL LIFE, next year! A big thanks for all the hard work and the valuable contribution from all participants.

Video Recording of Session 6 – featuring OceanX

Presentation Ruben

Presentation Alfred

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